Modern Kitchen Design


The modern kitchen is a reflection of your personal expression and lifestyle

The modern kitchen is a reflection of your personal expression and lifestyle. The expectation from today’s kitchen is to combine elegance, efficiency, innovative technology and comfort. 

The modern kitchen is not only used for cooking and baking, it is the heart of the house and a place where you spend the most time. Because of this, it is important to make the right decisions during the kitchen design process.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets are an important part of the modern kitchen design 

We at Alno Bay Area believe that the kitchen should be designed as a pleasant place to be in; a place that meets all of your needs and requirements, and as a harmonious and luxurious place.
The modern kitchen characteristics emphasize the feeling of open space, comfort and adequate room for storage.

Today’s kitchen characteristics emphasize the feeling of open space, comfort and adequate room for storage.
Wide drawers and spacious cabinets that are functional and suitable for storing small appliances are an integral part of the kitchen, and with today’s kitchen technology we can store them in innovative cabinets to keep the clean look of the kitchen.

Important consideration points when designing today’s kitchens:

– Characterization of the Kitchen: Before buying a kitchen, it is very important to think about the needs and goals that new kitchen should serve. At this stage it is very important to be assisted by professionals who can help with new ideas based on their knowledge in designing a new kitchen and about the new technologies in this field.

– The quality of materials: you need to carefully check the materials and their quality. Also, to check the appliances and any product that is part of the kitchen. It is very important that you get the highest quality of both so that the kitchen environment will be safe, in high-quality, and well functional for many years.

– Hardware: Check that fitting in general, and in particular drawers and doors, are high quality, including the mechanism, for smooth and quiet activity (not a slam) when they are opened and closed.

– Beauty and functionality: It is very important that the kitchen will serve you well, and, therefore, you have to pay attention to, both: the kitchen design by your personal taste and, yet, not neglecting the fact that the kitchen should be comfortable for daily use. It is very important that the kitchen is practical, you feel free in using it, and that things needed would be accessible. A kitchen that you would like to be in should be a comfortable kitchen, easy to maintain and its design should contribute to the atmosphere that you love.

– Work process: Set a budget and schedule for the project from start to finish with a professional that would be available for you at that time, and which you trust and would like to consult and work with.

– Kitchen space utilized effectively: With the proper planning, you can take maximum advantage of the kitchen space and adapt it to the needs of the household. Proper planning is important to the kitchen area, creates a comfortable work surface, and provides convenient storage areas inside the drawers and cabinets which are accessible and make it easy to use in the kitchen while entertaining.

– Areas inside the kitchen: By using the size of the space, you can plan to have a kitchen island, which is a place to have additional space for storage and more space for preparing food.The size of the kitchen and family needs will determine whether to add additional area for eat-in-kitchen area or have formal dining table.

In summary: The design and proper characterization of the kitchen with a professional’s assistance and a kitchen designer will help you get your dream kitchen so that it can be beautiful and designed to your style, and be functional and easy to use.