We had a ‘dream kitchen’ in mind … a kitchen almost invisible, yet fully functional and complete. Most kitchen design showrooms we visited were quite clueless on how to get us going. ALNO was quite unique; they not just helped us through this design process, but also made it affordable for us to realize our dream!

Madhuri and Pradeep

Cupertino, California

What a pleasure it was to work with you when we remodeled our kitchen, dining room, powder room, and laundry area. We knew that we wanted to change these rooms, but we had no real concept of what we wanted the outcome to be. You gently and patiently walked us through the process, giving creative suggestions and ideas. The end result was exactly what we wanted.

Our new kitchen is not only functional, but also beautiful, as are the other rooms. In addition, you were exacting in all the details and measurements, which meant there were no glitches.
This was our fourth remodel and the best one by far, thanks to you and your attention to detail and design.
Thanks for suggesting that we use Bryan Campbell and his team to do the installation. The installers were professional, personable, and attentive to detail.
If any of our friends are planning on doing any remodeling, we will not hesitate to have them contact you.

Linda and Barry Brummer

Los Altos

Thanks to Deganit and European Kitchen Designs, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful kitchen. I would highly recommend using their service, especially if you’re looking for a worry and regret free experience.

Working with Deganit throughout the process was an unexpected pleasure, especially since this was my first remodeling project. I really appreciate Deganit’s ability to empathize with me as an individual, even though this is a skill that’s easily overlooked.
Being someone who needs to consider all my options carefully, Deganit quickly sensed that I was being overwhelmed by the plethora of options available to complete the kitchen. To accommodate my personality, she started to only present me with options that she believed would work with my kitchen, ensuring a great design no matter what my choice was.
Our numerous in-person meetings, email correspondence and phone conversations all ensured that I was involved in every stage of the process, taking care of any of my concerns while guaranteeing I would not come to regret any decisions that were made.
It bears repeating that my kitchen is first and foremost, gorgeous and, as if it were an afterthought, fully functional, giving great credibility to Deganit’s design skills and the quality of Alno’s cabinets.
The installation, counter tops and backsplash tiling by Deganit’s recommended contractors were an equally important part of the worry and regret free experience with extremely professional results.
I hope you enjoy your new kitchen as much as I do!

Niranjan Krishnamurthi


My wife and I recently completed the remodeled our penthouse in the four story tower of the historic Clocktower building located South of Market in San Francisco. The main part of the remodel was the kitchen as it is located in the center of our home and is visible from the living room, dining room and family room.

After much consideration we chose ALNO San Francisco and specifically Deganit Albalak to completely rebuild our kitchen.
Deganit walked us “step by step” through the process of design and selection of materials over several lengthy meetings over the course of several weeks. We were always confident that Deganit understood what we wanted and illustrated her understanding by providing us with “amazing” digital visuals that allowed us to view every angle of the design.
Once we decided what we wanted the order was placed. The cabinets were “hand-made” in Germany to perfection. When they were delivered, Daganit came to our home and oversaw the process of unpacking by our contractor. One piece had been damaged in shipping and she immediately ordered a replacement.
The installation took considerable time as each piece was custom made and needed to be custom fit. Daganit came over several times to inspect the installation for which we were extremely grateful.
Needless to say, we are extremely pleased with the quality of the cabinets and the professional manner in which
Daganit led us through the process.
We highly recommend you consider using ALNO and Daganit for your kitchen remodel.

Tom & Carol Burkhart

San Francisco

Working on any project can be very challenging. It is really important to have a trustworthy team to make sure that everything is done well, on time and within the scope. I was happy to have Deganit as a part of my team on the kitchen remodeling project.
We really liked the product that ALNO offered and started to work with Deganit on the design. This is very complex process for the people who are not designing kitchen every day. There is a terminology, pricing and other complex staff to understand. Deganit worked patiently with me on the design for about 6 months and made many changes to the original proposal. She is very detailed, reliable, honest and knowledgeable about her product.
She delivers what she promised.
The result was a beautiful kitchen that we enjoy every day.
I would not hesitate to recommend her and will certainly work with her again.                                                                                                                                   

Julia Costello


I wanted thank you for helping me design my perfect ALNO kitchen and media counsel! This was my first major kitchen remodel and I was a bit nervous about how it would all turn out. You worked extremely well with my interior designer and provided the right balance of accepting her ideas while speaking up when you felt there were better options, like when you suggested a slightly lower elevation for my back cabinets.

 From start to finish, you were professional, detailed and responsive. You spent time coming to carefully measure the kitchen, wall bench and media wall layout and made sure everything in that area fit precisely such that I was very confident with your drawings at the end and depended on them more than other construction drawings I also had on hand.
You keep me updated along the way and made sure everything went smoothly through the installation process and completion. In the end, everything fit perfectly and looked fantastic!
I am so glad I picked ALNO and your store in hindsight! Sincerely,
Tom L.

Monterey Heights San Francisco 

We wanted to thank you and let you know how much we love our new ALNO kitchen. It is everything we had hoped for and actually ended up being so much more. We had shopped around at other European kitchen design shops, and we decided to go with ALNO because you put together the best design and proposal.
The design process was very smooth and efficient. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us about what we were looking for, listening to what we wanted, and visiting our home to see the space. As you know, we live in a remodeled San Francisco Victorian that has a lot of the original architectural elements, and you designed a modern kitchen that felt appropriate for our existing space and goes with the rest of the house. The end result was a fantastic design, which was both creative and stylish.
Three particular elements of our new kitchen really stand out, and all of our visitors comment on them. The first is the center island that is on casters. Given that the existing space was not terribly big and we were not expanding the square footage of the kitchen, having additional counter and storage space was crucial. The clearance and other code requirements of a fixed island would have significantly limited the size of the island, but your idea to put it on heavy duty casters allowed us to have a larger island that is really like a piece of furniture. Second, are the contrasting colors and textures of the upper and lower cabinets.
You came to our home with multiple samples so we could see what they looked like in daylight and with the existing hardwood flooring, and this really helped us settle on the two colors and textures that we did. Finally, we love the “waterfall” effect of the countertops continuing along the sides of the end cabinets to the floor. This really helps hold the design together, and also provides a very sturdy surface in areas that will get a lot of traffic.
We would absolutely come to you again as a repeat customer and would wholeheartedly recommend your services to other customers.

Best reagrds,

Jim Zazzali & Andrea de-Lugani

San Francisco, CA

I had the pleasure of working with Ms Albalak of European Kitchen Design as my kitchen designer for my private custom residence in Cupertino, California. Deganit took the challenge of responding to my highly specific design needs, both in form and function, along with a rather limiting budgetary cap.
She aligned herself completely into the “spirit” of the home so she could dream up a kitchen which was to be the focal point of everyday living. Deganit maintained utmost patience being a designer for a rather hard to please architect.
We are very pleased with her contribution and now have a kitchen product that we love to be in everyday. I, as an architect am able to showcase it to all my residential clients frequently. I recommend Deganit to all my residential clients, so that they may have as much satisfaction as I did, in their final product and the process that leads to it Deganit’s flair for design and her drive to exceed expectations of her clients is truly outstanding. I wish her success in all her upcoming projects and will be looking forward to every opportunity I can find of working with her again.

Seema Mittal,

Cupertino CA

Young and I would like to extend to you a heartfelt “Thank You!” for the integral part you played in our kitchen remodeling project. The combination of aesthetic beauty, working ergonomics and overall quality of our new kitchen is outstanding. The very sight of our kitchen puts a smile on people’s faces, and we hear compliments on it from virtually everyone who enters our home.
We did do our homework in the overall selection process, executing due diligence on several different designers, cabinet manufacturers and general contractors. At this point, we can confidently state that we have no regrets regarding our selection of European Kitchen Design for our project.
You have gone the extra mile for us when called upon in addition to the expected level of service you provided throughout.
Young and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who is considering a kitchen remodel project.

Young & Jason Buberel

Sunnyvale, CA

We cannot say enough about how very pleased we are with the result of our recent kitchen remodel.
We love the new set-up, the cabinets hold everything we wanted them to hold and we cannot think of anything we should have done or chosen differently. Your knowledge, support and advice have made the design process a very enjoyable experience. You were always available when we needed you and kept us posted on every detail.
We also appreciated your accuracy in regards to the cost estimate: your initial estimate was nearly identical with the final bill so there were no unpleasant surprises.
We cannot say enough positive things about the installation process. The installers were very professional and exhibited a very high quality work standard.
They paid attention to any detail and worked hard to make sure everything was just right. We are perfectionists and when we look at the way the kitchen was installed it is clear that the installation and finishing work is of superior quality.
Thanks to you the much dreaded remodeling project was a very pleasant and smooth experience. We highly recommend European Kitchen Design to other potential clients. We certainly will come back to you should we plan another kitchen remodel in a future home.

Gisella Steck and Andreas Scheidegger

Mountain View, CA

Jeri and I would like to express our appreciation for all the efforts of you and your staff to make our kitchen remodeling a success. From the beginning, European Kitchen Designs has been helpful every step of the way. The layouts that Joy prepared were useful to let us envision the possible design options. She worked exceedingly well with our kitchen designer, a joint effort that produced an excellent design plan.
The Alno cabinets were the best combination of design and features that we have found. Every piece ordered arrived complete and in great condition. The installation resulted in a look just like we had seen at the showroom. Your additional assistance in appliance and granite suggestions rounded out the entire process. It was extremely helpful to be able to draw upon your ideas and resources to complete our remodeling project so successfully.
After the installation was complete and we were back in our kitchen, we received all kinds of admiring comments. The soft-close feature of the drawers was something everyone without fail remarked upon, followed closely by the extraordinary capacity and design ingenuity of the comer cabinets. A friend who was also a cabinet maker in a past life couldn’t help but run his hands repeatedly over the smooth finish and “pillow” comers of the cabinets. To say that people were impressed by the cabinets would be an understatement.
Thanks for not only assisting us in choosing such a high quality product, but also in helping us navigate the rest of the kitchen remodeling adventure to a successful and beautiful outcome.
Best wishes for success in the future.

Jim Buchanan

Belmont, CA

Thank you so much for the beautiful centerpiece bowl. We have found the perfect spot for it and its magnificent! Thanks, too, for helping us create the centerpiece of our home – our fabulous kitchen!

Lauren and Flavius

Palo Alto, CA

Thank you very much for your assistance in creating our dream kitchen! Because of your creativity and expertise, our new kitchen is beautiful as well as functional.
The Alno cabinets are gorgeous; a brilliant fusion of beauty and functionality, and the quality of the materials is definitely top notch. I have also received many compliments on Alno’s chic halogen under counter lighting.
The personalized features that Alno provided – the appliance garage, racks for cookbooks, spices and wine, recycling receptacles, and tons of roomy built-in storage drawers really completed our kitchen.
Our new kitchen is the hub of our home, a warm and welcoming setting for our friends and family to gather. Please feel free to use us as a reference for your prospective customers; I would be happy to invite them to tour my new kitchen.
Thanks again for all of your help.


Linda & Roland Graham-Helwig

Foster City, CA 

Thank you and your crew for your professional work. We are very glad that we selected you to lead our kitchen remodeling project. Your design approach, suggestions, creativity and attention to details resulted in a unique and gorgeous kitchen. It is even better then we expected. We really enjoyed working with you and your team.
In the last few months we received so many complements from family and friends who came and see your creation.
We would highly recommend you and European Kitchen Design to anyone planning a remodel and in fact we already have. Please feel free to use us as a reference for your prospective customers.
Thanks again for our “new” kitchen. It’s been a pleasure working with you.
I would like to commend you and your crew for their quality of work and professionalism. I would be more than happy to be added to your list of references.


Marrina Jeng

Los Altos, CA

I am writing to tell you how happy we are with our new Alno kitchen. The entire process from the design to kitthe installation was so professional. I want to especially thank you for your expertise in regards to the design creativity of our kitchen. I now have so much storage and work space- I cannot believe how well our new kitchen functions.
Peter and I are so grateful for your support during the entire process. We especially appreciated the time you gave to work with our architect and contractor to make the project advance in a timely and organized manner. Whenever there were questions you were always willing to give us your time to address our needs
We love the look of our new kitchen! Please feel free to use us as a reference for future customers. We love to share our new kitchen and we would be happy to share the fantastic experience we had working with you and your organization.


Ramona and Peter Rule

Los Altos Hills, CA 

Oh my gosh, they look fantastic! We were there today for a meeting. Even though they still had the plastic protective covers on them you can see the quality. The finishes look great and the glass cabinets are awesome! Just wait until you see the house – you will love it – it is so “you” but it is also “so us”!!!

Thanks again,

Joel Weiss

Napa, CA 

Jim and I wanted to express our deepest appreciation and admiration for your work on our San Gregorio costal home. We couldn’t be happier with the results. From our first meeting, we were both struck with your willingness to listen to our ideas, and your understanding of our needs.
Alno cabinets look spectacular in the kitchen, bathrooms & bar area. I want to mention in particular that the coffee crème color of the kitchen cabinets is great accent to the crystal white marble floor. Thanks so much for your suggestion on that color. Siam, our kitten, also has that color in his coat. All the cabinets look great. We get many compliments on them. 
Your attention to detail and your design ideas made our kitchen the true heart of our home. The design takes full advantage on the ocean views of California Coast. The result is amazing!
Thank you so much for all your assistance to make this project a huge success. Everyone loves the look.
You deserve to be overwhelmed with customers since you are able to offer outstanding product and service. We are looking forward to our next project together.


Anna Marie & James Spilker

San Gregorio, California 

I wanted to write and let you know how much we love our new kitchen. The Alno cabinets are working outvery well. Your help in choosing the right combination of colors, materials and features was invaluable. I was a little hesitant about putting the plates and bowls in large drawers rather than the cupboards like I used to do, but the new method works very well.
I’m not sure that you know, but we wound up using the ruby red you helped us choose in the kitchen throughout the house we remodeled. That color really ties everything together. Also, I’m very pleased with how easy it is to clean everything. Our old kitchen was very hard to keep clean and I didn’t really like to cook in it because of it. Now, I’m cooking almost every night.
We’re also really happy with the Miele appliances you helped us pick out. You were right, the dishwasher is very quiet and we can barely tell when it’s running. The Miele washing machine is also very good and seems to get our clothes much cleaner than our older unit.
We enjoyed working with both of you and if we ever decide to remodel again we would certainly like to work with you again. If you want to have any potential clients to call us, we’d be happy to talk to them and give you a glowing recommendation. Thanks again for helping us get a wonderful new kitchen.


Michael and Leanne Simmons

Palo Alto, CA 

When we walked into your showroom, we knew that we had found the kitchen cabinets we had been searching to locate over the past two years. What we didn’t know, at that time, was that we had also found the best kitchen designer. Deganit, your guidance, knowledge and follow through made the journey of our kitchen selection a pleasure.
Our newly installed ALNO kitchen is a dream comes true. It is a delight to work in our kitchen. The ergonomic design makes working in the kitchen a pleasure. Even if you are not cooking, the visual appearance is beautiful and creates a relaxing, clean, upbeat environment. It is like having “kitchen furniture”. The new kitchen goes so well with the rest of the house. The glass section is so easy to clean. Plus the hidden refrigerators are a surprise to everyone that visits us.
Thank you for suggesting that we use your installation team to install the cabinets. They were extremely knowledgeable, professional, clean and friendly. It was a wise decision to have them do the installation.
Thank you for creating the most beautiful kitchen in our neighborhood.


Kay and Mohamad Moazed

Danville, California 

This letter references our experience with Deganit and Haim Albalak from ALNO San Francisco
in our kitchen and bathroom remodel that took place in 2009. During the first phase of the project starting in mid 2008 – the design of a new kitchen as well as bathroom cabinets – Deganit and Haim guided us with great care and a lot of patience towards design elements that would fit both our taste and budget.
This took several weeks and we were impressed how thoughtful the ALNO team was in making sure that we were comfortable with decisions. They always presented us with several options and clear indications for the cost and benefits of each of them. We never felt pressured to make quick decisions, which really helped us become very comfortable with the overall design process and helped us narrow down the elements that were most relevant to us. In addition to the design, the ALNO team helped us select all new electrical appliances and plumbing fixtures for the kitchen and the bathrooms.
Again, the ALNO team’s knowledge and expertise were invaluable in helping us pick out appropriate quality appliances and fixtures with design elements that matched well with our very contemporary home.
Our large ALNO cabinet order arrived just as planned and on time from Germany, completely intact and without any pieces missing. This allowed us to undertake our remodel exactly in the time we planned. The installation crew – suggested by the ALNO team – did a first rate job in a timely and precise installation.
During the whole remodel, Deganit ensured personally that everything went to our satisfaction. More than once this meant that she interfered with subcontractors on our behalf to ensure installations were done in a timely and most orderly manner. We never hesitated to contact Deganit for any questions, as we knew she would support us wherever we needed her help.
Deganit was always here for us to answer any question, connect us with the right person or even take matters into her own hands. Our home remodel, finished in mid-2009, has been a most gratifying experience, especially when looking at the end result. ALNO San Francisco was a very key part in making this such a success.
We attribute this to their ability to guide us with knowledge, passion and a very professional attitude during the full duration from planning all the way to finished execution of our project. We have been very impressed with Deganit and Haim’s dedication to helping us make our remodel a most pleasant experience. We would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a quality team to undertake a home remodel.

Stephen and Sunai Raillard

Mountain View, CA 94040 

Thank you for all of your help with our kitchen remodel! Fred and I had slightly different ideas about the kitchen – mine being more modern, his being more traditional but we found that the Alno product was able to give us the best of both worlds. The combination of solid wood doors and rustic pulls with modern glass accents, lighting, and accessories has transformed our space! With ample and efficient storage, a large island for both seating and serving, and a layout that promotes natural flow and circulation, we now have a beautiful kitchen perfect for entertaining!
We are very impressed with the quality, functionality and aesthetics of A1no. We couldn’t have hoped for more! We are convinced that an Alno kitchen was the correct choice for us. Kitchen remodels are always challenging but your thoughtful design input and follow through helped make things that much easier. We love our new kitchen and would recommend Alno San Francisco to anyone considering remodeling theirs.
Kathy and red S.
Los Altos, CA 
There are very few words that can convey how pleased we are with our new ALNO kitchen. Both of you were the best match we could have found for what we wanted to accomplish. Your experience in the industry, insight, and patience made it a sincere pleasure in working with you to realize our goals and objectives with th is project.
You may recall that Lucy and I began our quest into remodelling our 1965 vintage galley kitchen in 2009. After many contractors. pictures, sketches. and visits to view kitchens we were becoming disappointed that twelve months later we were not closer to having a design for our kitchen. Our goal was simple, or so we thought. We wanted to have an open kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, cabinetry that increased storage with very clean lines, displaying itself in a minimalist sense, and would fit into the existing kitchen area.
When we visited your ALNO showroom in San Francisco, we became very excited at the beautiful selections of cabinetry, counter tops. and appliances we could choose from. Haim thoroughly explained the product line ALNO offered. its construction characteristics, available features, and services that would be provided.
Shortly after discussing our design draft a computer generated three-dimensional color design of the kitchen we had envisioned was provided. It encompassed what we wanted in a manner that met the criteria we had established and fit within the existing area. The installation process began, and again, we were very impressed with the installers. their professionalism, the care and attention to detail throughout the entire process.
It has been several months since the completion of our kitchen. and we are totally satisfied with the ALNO products and the recommended appliances we chose. We also realize that this would not have been possible had it not been for the patience, advice, care and attention to detail that both of you provided us throughout the entire process. For anyone considering a kitchen remodel, an ALNO kitchen would be the way to go and you are the team that must be had.
Thank you both for everything you helped us with. and for making a dream into a long term reality.


Lucy and Ciro Aguirre

Aptos, California